Aspect consistently provides Electrical installations to Tesco stores nationally as Tesco constantly reviews energy savings throughout the United Kingdom in line with their continuous growth in business each year and budgets for further development annually.

Project:    Hit Squad/Project Saturation Roll outs.
Dates:    2007 – Present

Aspect have played a major part in energy saving for Tescos on large 100+ store roll-out projects from 2006 to the present date from the First project drafts, Hit Squad 1,2 and 3 and the present day Project Saturation.

Working to tight 8 – 10 week programme to survey the 100+ stores, identify the opportunities, calculate costings, savings then implent the works.

Works involved:

  • Major sales floor work installing new Trend panels and field relay systems to control all areas of the sales floor.
  • Replacement of all  T8 fittings with the latest T5 fittings and installing PIR and photocell controls in all areas of the stores BOH.
  • Implementing Day and Night controls on Car Park canopies and PFS canopy lighting.
  • Reconfiguring sales floor lighting for Trading and stocking switching.
  • Balancing of phases on all main sales floor lighting when configuring sales floor lighting.